Educational Project

The aim of St Jeanne de Lestonnac (1556-1640), foundress of the Company of Mary (Bordeaux 1607), was to educate young women, "extending our hand to them”, and through them, to have an impact on families and society.

The educational intuition of Jeanne de Lestonnac has been developing throughout history in diverse forms.

Today, four centuries later, we have an Educational Project which combines tradition and innovation to continue "extending our hand".

From the Christian vision of the person and life, the Company of Mary makes its own distinct educational proposal, which emphasises some elements that define value and give value:

  • A Christian humanist education, which embraces the utopian ideal of becoming new women and men in order to build a better world is the goal of the educational task.
  • The improvement, openness and constant renewal, the reflection on the practice and the on-going training of educators guarantee a quality education.
  • An education for solidarity, social responsibility and development, which contributes to the transformation and improvement of reality.
  • An education that goes beyond the classroom and what is stipulated, seeks for educational spaces that foster an integral education and the experience of interculturality.

In the Company of Mary Schools, education is offered as a service through men and women educators who bear witness, through their words and lives, to the values and principles we want to educate.

In these three videos you can see in essence our educational style.

We educate people, we change de world   We are you   Maximum quality, maximum commitment