Active Methodologies

Personalization is one of our hallmarks. From it, the student is the centre of the teaching-learning process. We understand that for this, the educators of the Company of Mary educate from a “relationship which accompanies, integrates and fosters growth”.

The teaching-learning process takes place in our classrooms in a very different way, and are always student-centered.

This teaching-learning style allows students to deploy real-life skills and learn to face problems and challenges.

Our programs develop in our students different capacities, competences and intelligences. We seek to promote critical thinking, creativity, to develop a holistic view of reality, to stimulate self-regulated learning, and teamwork, plus the ability to learn to learn and the ability to cope with problems and decision making.


Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning as a working methodology promotes reinforcing relationships, leadership, communication, social skills and personalization of learning. We work together to achieve shared goals.

The characteristics of cooperative learning are:

- Interdependence.

- Individual responsibility.

- Development of interpersonal and small group skills.




The integration of tools used in data processing, enable us to instigate methodological change and help us to make the student a learning agent developing a critical sense and the ability to discern.