Education for Interiority


The Education of simply being has been a constant in our education. Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac, from a young age, harboured the idea "Do not allow the flame to be extinguished”. This ideology has been like a mantra for us.

Interiority is the space in which the body integrates thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions to feel a unified being.

We care for the inner dimension of the entire Educational Community, since we think that what happens to us in our inner world is very important for the correct development of all the dimensions of a person.

The "Project i" Education for interiority is present in all schools. It is a project that starts from personal experience, so that in the day to day running of the school and in the method of educating educational practices of breathing, relaxation, silence, gestures, openness to transcendence are integrated ... it makes us more aware of the inner dimension of people.