Company of Mary in Spain


The aspirations of Jeanne de Lestonnac for the education of the youth to reach more young people was a call to the growth of the Company of Mary that spread rapidly throughout France and later Spain.

In 1650, ten years after the death of the Foundress, the Sisters of the French city of Béziers founded in Barcelona the first convent school in Spain. "LA ENSEÑANZA" - was the name that the people of Barcelona gave to the school and the street where it was located. This name that has been maintained over time means a way to educate young girls in an integrated way.

The Sisters of Barcelona made their first foundation in Tudela in 1687; from where the Company of Mary spread throughout Spain and into Latin America.

The mission of the Company of Mary in Spain is: "To evangelize as female educators in the service of a faith that bears fruit in works of justice”.

Today this mission includes other areas of non-formal education e.g.:

Social projects developed by the Company of Mary in Spain:      


Also, the Company of Mary chooses to support youth. To take care of this important stage in the formation of the person requires environments that favour it. Therefore, we consider that the University Residences provide an opportunity to educate young people at this stage in their lives and a privileged platform for evangelization.


Our University Residences:

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